Vice President of Marketing, Southwest Region
Nurses Lounge
Fort Worth, Texas

Professional Experience

The Nurses Lounge Professional Network,
(2012 - Present)
VP of Marketing Southwest Region

The Nurses Lounge is a professional network for nurses (much like linkedin) developed exclusively for the nursing profession. Our Network is organized around interactive lounges (groups) formed by professional nurse organizations, nursing schools, 97 nurse specialties and healthcare employers. More than just a Network, we solve many of the communications problems these stakeholders face in growing and maintaining their operations.

If you are a nurse and wish to enhance your career, join our network today and easily create a beautifully formatted professional profile by going to

If you are an employer, find out about our Talent Acquisition & Referral Platform for nurses and claim your Interactive Lounge to build an efficient network with your existing nurses as well as the nursing profession at large. Schedule a short demo with me and let me show you how we can help to greatly enhance your recruiting efforts!

Nursing Job Board! Post your available positions today for all nurses to view with one of our advertising packages and also have your positions fed into your Interactive Lounge.

Nursing Faculty Job Board! If you are looking for a faculty job or needing to hire nursing faculty consider the Nurses Lounge.

Nurses Lounge,
Fort Worth, TX (2003 - Present)
Vice President of Marketing - Southwest Region

I assist Nursing Schools, Nurse Associations and Nurse Employers in setting up and maintaining Interactive Lounges within the Nurses Lounge Professional Network which allow a more efficient way to communicate to their members and the broader nursing profession.


University of Texas at Austin
BSN (January, 1983)


  • James Bone has been a loyal and trusted employee since joining the firm over 10 years ago!

    Timothy Armes

    Nurses Lounge
    Dallas/Ft Worth, TX Area

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Our network provides nurse employers, schools and associations with the ability to create groups and successfully communicate news, announcements, and events seamlessly to their members.

Nurses use our network to collaborate, exchange professional advice, and share new ideas.