The Network Effect, A Nurse Recruiter’s Dream

On August 26, 2015

The Network Effect, A Nurse Recruiter’s Dream

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In today’s blog post and video, we’ll discuss how nurse recruiters can use the Nurses Lounge to maintain professional relationships with nurses and turn those relationships into a referral-generating machine. Remember, 70%-80% of all jobs are found through networking. Nurses Lounge is a free nurse recruitment tool that allows you to maintain a network of professional relationships with nurses, maximize referrals through your network, and make more placements faster.

A professional profile for nurse recruiters

First, as in any professional network, you’re going to need to create a professional profile that highlights your credentials and success as a nurse recruiter. If you already have a LinkedIn profile you can import it into Nurses Lounge with just a few clicks. If not, the Nurses Lounge profile builder guides you along as you complete your profile in a few simple steps. Be sure to upload a professional picture, and once complete, you can request that nurses you worked with write a nice recommendation for you as well.

Building a network of nurses that works for you

Once you’ve completed your profile, you’ll need to add nurses to your network. Think about nurses you’ve worked with in the past as well as those that work in your facility that can reach out to colleagues to help you fill positions.  Nurses that work in your facility can reach out to their colleagues about jobs you are trying to fill. Many healthcare employers provide referral bonuses so you can be sure they won’t mind if you let them know about those types of opportunities.

Nurses Lounge makes building your network of nurses simple. Use the invite link on the main navigation menu. Either list emails of nurses, invite select Google contacts, or upload a .CSV to send to several emails at once. Include a personal message or keep the default, then click send. Once your colleagues accept the invitation they will automatically be a part of your professional network.

The Nurses Lounge Network Effect (The exciting part…)

Here’s the exciting part. Let’s say you add 100 nurses to your network, and in return each of your nurses are connected to 20 more nurses, and those 20 are each connected to 20 more nurses. The last group being your 3rd degree of separation from the original 100 nurses. Still with me? Good. Now it’s time for the math. 100 times 20 times 20 equals… 40,000! That means you have an indirect reach of 40,000 nurses that will potentially hear about your job!

Now that you have this amazing network, how do you get the word out about your available jobs? Nurses Lounge makes it easy. If you have a specific colleague in mind, say one that works in an ER unit, visit your list of colleagues, click on the user and send them a direct message. If you have a job you want to let your entire network know about, visit your Nurses Lounge News Feed. Your personalized news feed provides updates from the organizations and people you care about, and lets you update your network of nurses with information you would like to distribute. In this case, an exciting new career opportunity! Visit your news feed and type in your nursing job, include important details such as location and bonuses, ask your network to pass the info along, and click post to instantly update your network. Now nurses in your network can share your information, and their network can share it, and so on. In a matter of minutes, potentially 40,000 nurses just heard about your job. That’s the power of a professional network just for nurses!

FUN FACTS: Did you know that half of the states in the U.S. have less than 40,000 nurses and half the nurses in the U.S. reside in only 12 states?

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