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The Nurses Lounge Degree Directory is the easiest way for nurses to search online & graduate programs. Add your school’s degrees to the directory and start enrolling more students!

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Your alumni and students can help your nursing school spread the word about new online & graduate programs, increase revenues, and grow.

A presence in the Nurses Lounge helps you to reconnect with alumni and keeps students informed after graduation.

Use Nurses Lounge to engage with your audience of nurses on a professional, easy-to-use platform.

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It’s important students maintain a line of separation between their online social lives and their professional ones before they start their job search.

Give your students a chance to put their best foot forward with a professional profile in the Nurses Lounge. Students can include a professional picture, list their educational achievements, receive professional recommendations, connect with recruiters before graduating, and more!

Post Your Available Faculty Positions

Purchase a job package and showcase your nursing school’s available faculty positions to  qualified nurses around the country.

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