A Network Just for Nurses

In a competitive job market and clutter of mainstream social media, it’s
important to distinguish yourself with a professional online
presence. In minutes, create a professional account
and connect with organizations and colleagues
to advance your career.


Whether you need a job,  are applying to
graduate school, or even volunteering,
expect to be Googled.

Nurses Lounge ensures you have a
professional online presence when
the time counts. Highlight your
qualifications and show the
industry you’re a career-forward nurse.


Opportunities arise from the
people we know and knowledge
leads to career advancement.

Assist your colleague’s careers and become
more involved with the organizations
you care about. It’s as simple as clicking a


Your personal news feed is the most
convenient way to stay informed with

your nursing community, colleagues,
and the
organizations you care about.

A Network Just for Nurses.

Share jobs, events, continuing
education, articles, and more all
in the Nurses Lounge. A professional
network just for nurses!

Move Forward. Join the Nurses Lounge.