How to Implement a Nurse Talent Acquisition Strategy

On May 23, 2016

How to Implement a Nurse Talent Acquisition Strategy

Over the course of the next five years 30% of the nursing population is expected to retire. More RN jobs will be become available, and with the current education bottleneck, there will not be enough registered nurses to fill positions. Do you really expect the current system of nurse recruiting that isn’t working today, to work tomorrow? Simply posting priority nursing jobs and offering massive sign-on bonuses to fill a few current vacancies is inefficient and costly.  Isn’t it time for your company to become more than just another job posting? Nurse talent acquisition is developing and implementing a recruitment marketing strategy that includes branding, relationship-building, and networking to establish an ongoing pool of the right nurse talent. Nurse Lounge is the world’s first nurse talent acquisition platform that gives you the tools to easily implement a recruitment strategy.

Become More Than Just a Nursing Job

Competition for qualified nurses is too high to ignore the need for a thorough recruitment marketing strategy. Nurses Lounge supplies you with the tools to implement your nurse recruitment strategy allowing your talent acquisition to run smoothly. Nurses Lounge is designed to aggregate all of your company’s nursing positions, not just select priority nursing jobs, and gives job seekers the opportunity to get to know the culture of your company. Each of your nursing jobs on the Nurses Lounge is connected to a free recruitment microsite we create for your company called a Company Lounge page. Lounge pages drive nursing job candidates towards applying for open positions or submitting their applications for future openings so that you can hire the right people in the immediate sense and build a talent bench for later use.

You’ll Interest New Nurses by Showcasing Employee Achievements and Company Culture

First and foremost, recruitment is about people. Use employee testimonies for posts, video interviews, and much more to reach passive candidates to showcase your company and employees as what they are; real. Some of the most successful Company Lounge page posts highlight company culture and existing employee achievements. Once passive candidates are interested in your recruitment brand, it becomes that much easier to nurture and grow a professional relationship. Building relationships is a big part of talent acquisition. Those relationships can be built through interaction, personal follow-ups, targeted email campaigns and more. Though they might not amount to anything initially, the will pay you back with future interest. Building relationships with candidates at all levels of interest will cut down on hiring time and net you a better Return On Investment!

Make a Lasting Impression on Candidates

By building your recruitment strategy on a talent acquisition network just for nurses you are cultivating a lasting brand identity and improving your image for future employees. Essentially you are centering your efforts around your ideal candidates, registered nurses. Speaking of your ideal candidates, shouldn’t a system be designed specifically for them? Ease of access to information as to why your company is the best employer for the right nurse candidates can actually help people take the leap and apply. Think of this stage in the recruitment process as the time where you reaffirm your brand with supporting elements. A clean nursing career portal with information about your company, videos, testimonies, recommendations to help candidates make the decision to enter the application process. Remember, learning about your company should be easy! When access to information and the application process is easy, then that’s worth telling nurse friends and colleagues about!

The fact is, spinning the same old wheel of posting a few priority nursing jobs and offering massive sign-on bonuses it costly and inefficient. Recruitment marketing on a nurse talent acquisition platform will cut down on your overall nurse recruitment spending, will help you show existing and potential candidates who you are, and will alleviate the stress of last minute recruiting.

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