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Become a Nurses Lounge Pro with These Short Videos and Tips

Learn the Basics

Add Colleagues to Your Professional Network

Exchange Recommendations with Your Colleagues

How to Create a Post on a Lounge Page

How to Customize Your Professional Profile URL

Master Your Lounge Page in Minutes

A few things to remember: You must already be an admin of the Lounge to add or remove other admins. Anybody you want to be an admin must be a registered member of the Nurses Lounge and a follower of your Lounge page. Only posts created by admins are emailed to followers.  Admins receive emails when followers create posts or leave comments.

How to Make Another Member an Admin

How to Remove an Admin

Learn the Art of Recruiting on a Network for Nurses

Professional networking is not about spamming as many members or online groups with your jobs. Nurses Lounge is a tool to help you maintain professional relationships with your nurses and turn them into a network that will work for you helping to get the word out about your jobs.

Build a Network and Increase Your Referrals

Grow Your Association on a Professional Network Just for Nurses

Become a Nurses Lounge Sponsor and Build Your Membership

Add Your School's Nursing Degrees to the Nurses Lounge

Looking to fill seats for your online or graduate degree programs? Nurses Lounge is compiling a search engine just for nursing degrees. Watch the short video and learn how to add your nursing school’s degrees to the database and make it easy for future students to find your degree programs and reach out with questions.


Have a question? Check our FAQs below. If you can’t find the answer contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Nurses Lounge is a professional network for nurses. Nurses can create a professional online profile, connect with colleagues, and follow professional nursing organizations to receive updates on news, events, and jobs.

Visit our Learn More pages for nurses, nursing schools, nurse associations, and employers for a general overview. For a more in-depth look please take a tour with a Nurses Lounge rep for a screen-share demo and to go over any questions you may have.

90% of employers Google applicants to screen them during the hiring process and 70% of all jobs are found through networking.

Nurses Lounge lets you build a professional online profile that can help boost your rankings in Google when it’s time for your job search. Your profile is like an online resume that can be updated and edited at anytime and you can even share it with potential employers.

In addition, Nurses Lounge lets you connect and maintain professional relationships with colleagues you meet throughout your career. It’s better to build up your resources before you need them. You never know when you may need to reach out to your extended network to help you find a job. You can also exchange recommendations with colleagues, share content, and send direct messages.

Whether you’re representing a nursing school, association, or employer Nurses Lounge offers your organization a smarter way to stay connected to your nurses and distribute information to the broader nursing profession.

At no cost, your organization can have a Lounge page or central hub in which you can tell your story and drive engagement with your audience.

Lounges are central hubs created for professional nursing organizations. From one central hub your organization can:

  • Tell your story and share a video.
  • Reinforce values with your nurses.
  • Share important information and showcase career opportunities.
  • Scale up word of mouth referrals.

Nurses – Visit and create your account. Once registered you will automatically be a follower of your state, nursing schools, employer and specialty Lounges and then will be guided through a professional profile builder.

Nurse Organizations – Create an account for yourself. Even if you’re a non-nurse (organization representative) we have a profile type for you too. Complete the form on the contact us page, we’ll create a Lounge page for your organization, and be in touch shortly to give you administrative control. 

Any professional nursing organization may request to take administrative control of a Lounge page at no cost.  Contact us and complete the form. We’ll create your Lounge page and be in touch shortly to verify your information and go over any questions you may have.