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Our Philosophy

Social media has changed everything. From communicating with peers, to finding jobs or the latest news, you can bet social media has a hand in it. However, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or even LinkedIn don’t understand the intricacies of nursing.

Nursing is the largest and one of the most competitive professions in the United States, comprised of over 3 million nurses, 1500 nursing schools, 6000 employers, and countless local and national associations.

By developing a network specifically for the nursing profession, organizations are ensured the delivery of a consistent and professional message to their nurses and the broader nursing profession.

As a Nurse, you can create a professional online profile, build a secure network of colleagues,  share knowledge, exchange recommendations, assist each others’ careers, and be an engaged voice in the organizations you care about.

Our Vision

Want to see your friend’s vacation pictures or the latest Kardashian trends? Go to Facebook.

Ready to advance your nursing career and start connecting with top nursing organizations and industry leaders? You found the right place.

Our vision is to connect every nursing school, association, employer, and over 1,000,000 nurses in the Nurses Lounge. Imagine, the entire nursing industry under one roof. It’s possible we just need your help. Join today…it’s free for nurses, nursing schools, associations, and employers!

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