Cynthia Howard RN, CNC, PhD

Author, Mentor, Champion for HEalthcare Leaders & Professionals. Master Resilience & Emotional Intelligence.
Santa Barbara

Professional Experience

Vibrant Radiant Health LLC,
(1998 - Present)
Executive Coach & Consultant
2 decades of experience Coaching, training and developing individuals and work teams. ACT: Assessment MBTI, Eqi, for self awareness and better performance; Coaching: Executive Coaching to improve mental game, develop leadership skills and emotional intelligence and resilience. Training: onsite and individual training in emotional intelligence. My current focus is in helping leaders develop an authentic presence, power and authority for high performance leadership.


Loyola College in Maryland
Clinical Psychology
University of Baltimore
Business Administration
Union Memorial School of Nursing
University of Maryland College Park
Human Development

Licensure & Certifications

EQi: Emotional Intelligence Assessment Tool, HPS

Heartmath Licensed Provider, Heartmath Institute

Functional Nutrition, AANC

Professional Memberships



HEAL: Healthy Emotions. Abundant Life. Master Emotional Intelligence.
This book is an introduction to the important message from your emotions. Using awareness through mind, body, heart and soul approach, you can learn from your emotions and improve relationships on and off the job.
Ingram Spark, soon to be on Kindle
Cynthia Howard RN, CNC, PhD


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