I am a nature lover; outdoorsy; dabble in extreme and regular sports (mountain biking, hiking, sky diving, rock and boulder climbing, rollerblading, swimming, running, volleyball, etc.); big family and friends person; love learning new things about human beings (physical, medical, psychological, nutritional, cultural, spiritual, etc.); I have a new interest in learning about the Earth and nature, friends and I get in big groups to go on hikes and talk about which bird is which, tree, plant, and fruit names. A hobby of mine is analyzing mine and other individuals behavior and reactions towards situations, then comparing them to research based studies of human behavior. I believe that if it is possible to discern how an individual forms their perception's, than a healthcare professional would have a better chance of determining a way to reach them on an educational level in order to educate on preventative care. I am interested in and drawn towards anything which challenges me in any way, it's a great adventure!


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