Nursing Student
Anne Arundel Community College

Professional Experience

Patient First,
Maryland (2014 - Present)
Medical Assistant
  • Triaging patients, gathering pertinent patient information and obtaining vital signs.
  • Assisting nurses and physicians with various patient treatment and care.
  • Preforming blood draws, IV starts and EKGs.
  • Sterilizing eqiupment and setting up instruments.
US Army,
(2008 - 2013)
Healthcare Specialist (68W)
  • Provided emergency medical treatment, limited primary care, force health protection and evacuation in a variety of operational and clinical settings from point of injury or illness through the continuum of military health care.
  • Administered emergency and routine medical treatment, assisted with outpatient care and treatment and supervised field and clinical medical facilitates under the supervision of a physician, nurse or physician's assistant.
  • Senior line medic to three other medics, collectively responsible for the health and well being of 150+ soldiers and responsible for a medical vehicle and supplies valued at over half a million dollars.
  • Distributed, tracked and updated immunizations in order to maintain unit readiness.
  • Collected and prepared specimens in a timely and organized fashion for analysis.
  • Maintained health records and clinical files.


Anne Arundel Community College
ADN (May, 2015)

Licensure & Certifications

Certified Nursing Assistant, Maryland Board of Nursing

Basic Lifesaver (BLS) for Healthcare Providers, American Heart Association | American Stroke Association


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