Director and Professor, School of Nursing
Maine Nursing Network

Professional Experience

University of Maine School of Nursing,
Orono, ME (2016 - Present)
Director and Professor

As above.

St. Mary's College; Eastern Kentucky University,
Remote (2012 - 2016)
Online faculty

Served as consultant for St. Mary's DNP program; inaugural faculty Philosophy of Science and Ethical Decision-making in Advanced Practice.

Eastern Kentucky University:  Taught core required courses in the MSN program:


Evidence-based Practice

Professional Issues

Health Policy

South University,
Savannah, GA (2010 - 2012)
Executive Dean

Served as Executive Dean, College of Nursing and Public Health. Maintained responsibility for 10 campus programs in nursing and health sciences.  Provided oversight for extensive online programs in both substantive areas. Total enrollment for the College of Nursing:  1535, including pre-licensure BSN programs at all on-ground campuses; extensive online RN-BSN program enrolling over 800 students. Online and on-ground RN-MSN and MSN programs enrolled in excess of 650 students. Authored the DNP proposal and developed all course work in support of the program—approved by the regional accreditor (SACS), June, 2012.  Developed four additional MSN offerings including nursing informatics, infection prevention and control, Women’s Health nurse practitioner program and Psychiatric/Mental Health  nurse practitioner programs. Provided extensive support to new campuses applying for initial approval to state boards of nursing in support of pre-licensure BSN programming efforts.  Engaged in extensive regulatory and accreditation cross-walk experience in order to meld state Board requirements with existing CCNE accreditation requirements.  Authored all substantive change documents relative to all nursing programs to regional and professional accreditation bodies. Wrote three self-study documents for Board application for initial approval and provided support to local program directors during Board and other implementation applications and processes (Virginia, Michigan, Texas, South Carolina, Ohio, Alabama, Florida). Developed processes for systematic market analysis in support of Board applications.  Served as nursing consultant to the organizational units charged with state licensure for the organization nationwide.  Provided content expertise and support for the operational units negotiating “affinity agreements” with major health care providers nationally, most recently in Arizona and Texas. Wrote the nursing components of the institutional application to the Ohio Board of Regents.  Served as nursing liaison for the system to the Board of Regents during their four-day site visit, November, 2011. Maintained all processes surrounding development, implementation, and evaluation in the College of Nursing consistent with accreditation requirements. Moved the College to an all terminally degreed fulltime faculty. Provided development, direction, and oversight for 110 fulltime nursing faculty and in excess of 100 adjuncts. Developed a systematic process rollout to develop state-based NP adjunct cohorts that served to provide all midterm and final evaluations for FNP and AHNP students across the country in person. Oversaw credentialing of all fulltime and adjunct faculty annually.  Maintained state requirements for fulltime/part-time faculty ratios within existing programs. Maintained and evaluated processes for NCLEX evaluation throughout the system.  Maintained and evaluated processes for NP certification nationally. Oversaw curricular updates for the BSN and MSN programs in order to bring them into conformity with  contemporary AACN Essentials documents.


Loyola University The Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing,
Chicago, IL (2007 - 20)
Dean and Full Professor



Maintained responsibility for eight new courses across BSN, MSN, DNP and PhD programming efforts for the School of Nursing. Wrote the DNP application for CCNE accreditation.




Oversaw alignment strategy of various programs into coherent offerings at all levels of the curriculum, including the undergraduate program in health systems management and the post-baccalaureate/graduate program in dietetics, both housed in the School of Nursing;

Hired a consultant and supported the Undergraduate Program Committee’s rewrite of the undergraduate curriculum;

Assisted in modifying the fast-track BSN program to the LUMIN program, a fast-track Master’s option within the academic programming sequence;

Modified the presentation of the MSN program from 17 tracks to three overarching areas of specialty emphasis;

Assisted in the modification of the PhD program and the generation of a functional minor within it;

Provided consultation and development to faculty in generation and implementation of the DNP program;

Participated in generation of a dual degree MSN-MPH program;

Raised the first-time NCLEX pass rate to 90%;

Maintained 100% first-time pass rates for MSN/NP students;

Developed a strategic plan as a budgeting document and achieved 100% support from faculty;

Developed workload document for the School (“position accountability”) and achieved 100% support from faculty;

Implemented “program expansion” strategies to increase dollars generated by all nursing programs: Expanded the fast-track BSN from 13 to 16 months; expanded the PhD program by 9-12 elective credits through requiring functional minors; developed and implemented a DNP program and opened it a year in advance of scheduled implementation with an initial cohort of 9 students.

Generated and submitted three P-20 grant applications to NCMHD and NINR.  Two scored at 191 and 338, respectively.

Increased faculty research productivity by almost $2M/annually;

Total grant and foundation funding in 2009:  $10M.

Seattle University College of Nursing,
Seattle, WA (2000 - 2007)
Dean and Professor

Provided leadership for the College of Nursing.

 Closed at 3% and 5% at Seattle University in years in which there were heavy faculty illnesses requiring adjunct replacement (variance was difference between University allocations for such efforts and faculty salary requirements) or new programs in which budgeted funding lagged programmatic implementation;

Led the Universities in use of Resource Consumption Auditing as a tool for budgeting and budget forecasting—developed mechanism to track direct costs for every didactic, lab, and clinical course offered in the College/School as a mechanism for budget analysis;

Chaired the Gannon Chair search, Loyola University, 2009;

Served as a member of the FAUPC Faculty Handbook Committee for the University, 2008-09;

Served as a member of the Board of Undergraduate Studies, 2008-09;

Chaired the Seattle University Committee on Disruptive Students, 2004;

Chaired the Seattle University Institutional Review Board, 2004-2007.

Co-Chaired, Provost Search Committee, 2007;

Authored the Seattle University report to the Provost on English as a Second Language: Challenges and Opportunities, 2003;

Selected by the Office of the Provost to participate in the prestigious Executive Leadership Program, Seattle University, as the sole academic participant. Sponsored by the graduate program of the Albers School of Business, course participants included executives from Costco, Boeing, Weyerhauser, Foss Marine, Expeditors. Completed, 2005.

University of South Florida College of Nursing,
Tampa, FL (1997 - 2000)
Professor, Director of PhD program

Program effectiveness:


Appointed director of the PhD program in nursing at the University of South Florida.

Admitted 30 viable doctoral students to the program in a three year period. All have completed doctoral study and dissertation. One went on to post-doctoral study with Linda Aiken at Penn and is now serving as a Research Assistant Professor at the School of Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania.


Implemented the qualifying examination process for the program, in concert with requirements of the Graduate School.

Served as a member, Board of Directors, USF Charter School.

Served as the Chair, University Institutional Review Board, Socio-Behavioral Board (IRB-02).

Served as the College of Nursing representative to the ENLACE project, a program geared toward Latino recruitment into the University.

Leadership Fellow, State of Florida, EXCEL Leadership Training Program. Mentor:

      Associate Provost, Catherine Batsche, The University of South Florida.

University of Kentucky College of Nursing,
Lexington, KY (1985 - 1997)
Professor and Division Director Adult Nursing

1995-1997                     Professor with tenure              University of Kentucky

Division of Adult Nursing           Lexington, KY



Program effectiveness:


Director, Associate Professor, then Full Professor, tenured, Division of Adult Nursing, College of Nursing. Maintained administrative responsibility for approximately 20 Master's and doctorally prepared faculty. Programmatic responsibility for educational, investigative, clinical, and outreach programmatic efforts, BSN through PhD components, in appropriate area.


Scholarly effectiveness:


Chaired 88 scholarly project or thesis committees for MSN students in Adult Nursing;

Chaired or served as a member of  one-third of all of the doctoral students completed in the PhD program in Nursing at the University, 1988-1997. Continued to serve throughout the first year of appointment at the University of South Florida. Finished all MSN and PhD students for whom I either chaired or served as Committee member.


1989-1995            Associate Professor with tenure                   

1985-1989            Associate Professor

University of Illinois College of Nursing,
Chicago, IL (1980 - 1985)
Associate Professor

Faculty member, Department of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing

VAMC Edward Hines Jr. Hospital,
Hines, IL 60141 (1980 - 1985)
Associate Chief, Nursing Service for Education

Administration of academic affiliate programs from

13 metropolitan colleges, schools and university-affiliated nursing programs,

encompassing programming responsibility for 52 faculty, 600 undergraduate students, 70 graduate students and 10 doctoral academic affiliate students.

Supervision of 20 Master's and doctorally prepared educational coordinators and

Clinical nurse specialists.

Formulation, application and execution of approximately 18 training grants,

Stipends andfellowships for graduate academic affiliate

students from 5 Chicago metropolitan university-

affiliated colleges and schools of nursing.

Educational support and interface to nursing service in 1298 bed tertiary referral VA 


Liaison with district RMEC and VACO constituencies.


The University of Illinois at the Medical Center
MSN; PhD (June, 1980)

Post-doctoral experience, The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Behavioral Pharmacology, 1980-1982

The University of Chicago
MA, Biopsychology (December, 1978)
Loyola University of Chicago
BSN (June, 1972)

President of the Senior class

Representative to University Student Council


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