Student Nurse, CNA
Hospital Attendant
San Francisco State University

Professional Experience

California Pacific Medical Center,
(2014 - Present)
Hospital Attendant
UC Davis Center for Neuroscience,
(2012 - 2013)
Animal training on a cognitive task.
Vintage Senior Living,
(2009 - Present)
Medication Technician/ CNA
- Coordinating the work of the department - Administration of medications and treatments to residents according to physicians' orders - Assuring proper documentation and communication with the health providers and family members - Assisting residents with activities of daily living


San Francisco State University
Bachelor's Degree
Registered Nursing/Registered Nurse
University of California, Davis
Bachelor's Degree
Neurobiology, Physiology, Behavior

Volunteer Activities

UC Davis Medical Center- Gastroenterology and Radiology departments, health
1322629200 - 1354251600
⋅ Assisting Patients with getting around the hospital ⋅ Stocking medical supplies and assisting personnel with basic tasks ⋅ Translating services (from Russian and Polish)

St Gregory Church Food Pantry, povertyAlleviation
1228021200 - 1322629200
- Arranging donated foods in a manner facilitating speedy distribution to the families in need - Assisting with food distribution - Promoting the cause


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