Your Nursing Job Search Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard

On November 11, 2015

Your Nursing Job Search Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard

In today’s blog we’ll discuss how to maximize your nursing job search efforts with the power of professional networking.  If you’re new to nursing, we know finding a nursing job isn’t easy.  The healthcare system is becoming more complex and nursing jobs are becoming increasingly competitive. There are higher demands for more education and skills than in the past as employers seek nurses with more-advanced degrees and prefer experience to new grads. Okay, now take a breather. We’re here to tell you that all is not lost. Sit back, relax, and learn how you can be a fully integrated networking machine, plugged into the matrix that is the Nursing Job Search.

Google Isn’t the Only Way to Search Nursing Jobs

There is more to a nursing job search strategy than Googling your desired nursing job and location. It’s time to broaden your horizons and move beyond submitting your resume to countless nursing job postings. Not all nursing positions are posted publicly; some positions can be approached through the side or back door. Thus, we enter the age of professional networking.

Did you know that 80% of all jobs are found through networking? Professional networking is about establishing and maintaining relationships with your nursing colleagues to share information and help advance each others’ careers. It’s connecting with people who have relationships with facilities or organizations of interest to you, and asking for introductions, connections, and advice. Professional networking is developing a set of contacts separate from your social life that can assist you when it’s time to start your nursing job search.

Facebook is a great place for social interactions. Although, your friends may not necessarily care about updates in your industry and your professional contacts probably can do without pictures from your weekend adventures. LinkedIn is a great place for professional networking, however, it tends to be geared towards the business professional and not your day-to-day nurse.

Nurses Lounge is a professional network designed specifically for the nursing industry. As a nurse, you can create a professional profile highlighting your certifications, licensure, education, awards, professional memberships, volunteer work, and more. You can customize your personal URL to index yourself in Google searches as a career-forward nurse showing potential employers an alternative to your socially-oriented Facebook profile. You can follow your nursing school, associations, and employers to stay updated and engage with like-minded nurses near you. Search nursing jobs, events, and continuing education. Write a recommendation for you nursing school, employer, or a colleague. And probably one of the most important features, Nurses Lounge allows you to build and maintain a network of professional contacts you meet throughout nursing school and your career.

How to Get Started in the Nurses Lounge

First, take a few minutes to create your account and complete your professional profile. If you already have a LinkedIn profile you can import that with a click of a button. Next, take a little time to invite nurses you think will make a good addition to your professional network. Think about classmates, professors, current or past colleagues, and anyone else you think can be valuable to your nursing job search. Use the Nurses Lounge ‘invite’ feature to quickly send one or multiple invitations. Once the invitation is accepted you will automatically be connected as colleagues in the Nurses Lounge.  Now that you have a little method to the madness of searching for your dream nursing job, become a professional networking pro and join the Nurses Lounge!

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