Support Your Nursing School

On October 28, 2015

Support Your Nursing School

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In today’s blog post and video, we’ll show you how you can support your nursing school by sharing an enjoyable experience through the recommendation feature on the Nurses Lounge. Nursing school alumni play a pivotal role in the future success of any school of nursing. Whether it’s through donations, referrals, or simply by staying connected and involved, you are showing your support for your nursing school as well as future graduates. Nurses Lounge makes it easy to be a supporter of your nursing school. Create your Nurses Lounge account, you will automatically become a follower of your nursing school upon sign-up, and then take a few minutes to help your nursing school by submitting a glowing recommendation.

Support your nursing school with a recommendation

Remember when you first considered becoming a nurse? Did you have any expectations of what nursing school would be like? How did you decide which nursing school to attend? Imagine if you could have read recommendations written by alumni that highlighted the values of their school and shared the enjoyable experiences they had. Do you think that would have helped you make a decision? The answer is probably yes.

Nurses Lounge is inviting all nurses to become supporters of their nursing schools and give back. Over 1,500 BSN and ADN nursing schools have been uploaded into the Nurse Lounge directory and have each been assigned a nursing school Lounge page. Lounge pages are central hubs where professional nurse organizations can tell their story, share a video, showcase career opportunities, and build a following of nurses that can be updated at anytime through posts. As a nurse, you will automatically become a follower of your nursing school’s lounge page once you create your Nurses Lounge account.  

As a Nurses Lounge member, you can visit your nursing school’s Lounge page and submit a recommendation. Share your nursing school experience, talk about a class or professor you enjoyed, or highlight some core values you learned. By taking a minute and sharing this information you are immensely supporting your school of nursing. Something as simple as a recommendation can be the nudge someone needs to make up their mind and enroll as a nursing student. All thanks to you! If you appreciate the nursing degree you obtained from your nursing school that has given you a promising career in nursing, take a little time to say thanks and give back by writing a recommendation in the Nurses Lounge. 

How nursing schools can claim their Lounge pages

Over 100 BSN nursing schools have claimed their Lounge pages and are already participating in the Nurses Lounge. There is no cost to for nursing schools to become owners of their Lounge pages. To get started, create your Nurses Lounge account. Even if you’re not a nurse (marketing, alumni association, communications) it’s ok, we have a non-nurse profile type just for you called organization representative. Once you are logged in, search for your nursing school and select the ‘own this page‘ button. Complete the form, we’ll verify your information and make you an administrator of your Lounge page.

If you would like a little more information you can learn more about Lounge pages for nursing schools. For a more in-depth look, you can schedule a tour with a Nurses Lounge rep. We’ll show you the benefits of a connected network just for nurses, how Nurses Lounge can help your nursing school build the alumni program, and go over any questions you may have.


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