Social Media Just for Nurses

On October 20, 2015

Social Media Just for Nurses

In today’s blog post we’ll discuss how in minutes, you can build a professional online nursing identity separate from your social one that will assist you with your nursing career. According to the Pew Research Center 84% of American adults use the internet and 74% of American adult internet users are on social media. Statistically speaking, if you’re not using social media then there is a 90% chance you are over the age of 65.

People and organizations alike turn to social media for an abundance of reasons beyond exchanging social information including; connecting to new people, a primary source of information, finding employment, creating a professional voice about a topic or issue, collaboration, or the dissemination of professional information.  Although social media can give nursing job seekers plenty of career-advancing benefits, it’s important to remember that 43% of all employers use social media to screen their applicants (according to a CareerBuilder survey). As a nursing professional and a social media user, keep one very important detail in mind — first and foremost you are a health care professional and that should be reflected every time you’re online.

Separate Your Professional Life on Social Media

Facebook is a big part of any student’s life. Whether it’s connecting with classmates, keeping up with a professor’s class syllabus, or sharing discussions with your student association, there are plenty of beneficial reasons to be on Facebook as a student. It’s probably fair to say you’ve been on Facebook for the past five years so your profile isn’t going to go anywhere. However, now that you’re considered a healthcare professional, your friends may not be interested about your industry, and your colleagues and boss will probably not interested in your weekend adventures. It’s time to separate your online social brand with your professional one and let your industry know you are serious about your career as a nurse.

Nurses Lounge professional profile builder guides you along as you build an online resume with nurse-specific fields you won’t find on other non-nursing networks. List your credentials, licensure, achievements, awards, nurse association memberships, and much more. Customize your profile URL with your name to help with search engine rankings. Add or update your profile at anytime and share it with potential employers. You can exchange recommendations with classmates, co-workers, professors, or past employers that will be displayed on your professional profile. Maintain a network of professional contacts you meet throughout school and your career that can help you with your career advancement. 

By separating your personal life from your professional one, you are able to build your professional online brand. You decide who your target audience is, choose the right people to connect with in your networks, and control the content to include in posts. Take a look at your online profiles. Is there a clear distinction between your personal and professional life? If not, then it may be time to start developing your professional online brand in social media to help ensure you land the nursing job you desire.


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