Palmetto Health Sources 130 RNs in the Nurses Lounge

On June 16, 2017

Palmetto Health Sources 130 RNs in the Nurses Lounge

Palmetto Health – Columbia, South Carolina

Palmetto Health, a South Carolina Health System, sources over 130 highly qualified RNs while participating in the Annual Recruiter’s Program offered by the Nurses Lounge. In a matter of months Palmetto had a significant number of registered nurse hires to meet their staffing needs.

Client Goals

• Build employer brand equity and drive candidate flow to their talent acquisition team.
• Emerge as a leader in the Columbia market for best place to work.
• Meet and maintain hiring goals.


Palmetto joined Nurses Lounge to develop an ongoing talent acquisition strategy and to scale-up their employee referral program. Palmetto Health’s  strategy in the Nurses Lounge includes a Career Micro Site, unlimited job postings, email campaigns and banner advertising.


Over 130 highly experienced registered nurses applied to Palmetto Health nursing jobs . Palmetto Health has created positive brand awareness to a higher volume of licensed RN’s in the Columbus and Great South Carolina area and fulfilled their hiring needs through a talent acquisition strategy in the Nurses Lounge.

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