Showcase Your School With a Presence in the Nurses Lounge

You're In Good Company

Stay Competitive.

More types of nursing programs are available
than ever
before. Filling your classes has never
been so
competitive and faculty are harder to find.

To compete effectively your school needs an online presence in the Nurses Lounge.

  • Keep your students and alumni connected.
  • Reinforce your school’s values.
  • Drive engagement with qualified applicants looking to further their education.

Re-Connect With Your Alumni

Does your school have a new online master’s program? Is your campus holding a career fair or maybe there’s a new dean of nursing?

Facebook is for social relationships and emails are always changing. How does your school connect and update alumni with important information?

A presence in the Nurses Lounge ensures you stay connected to students and alumni as they follow your school’s page and you drive engagement.

Give Your Students the Professional Edge

It’s important students maintain a line of separation between their online social lives and their professional ones before they start their job search.

Give your students a chance to put their best foot forward with a professional profile in the Nurses Lounge. Students can include a professional picture, list their education, achievements, receive professional recommendations and more!

Post Your Available Faculty Positions

Purchase a job package and showcase your nursing school’s available faculty positions to  qualified nurses around the country.

60-Day Job Campaign $295 per job


6-Month Unlimited Campaign $695 total


1-Year Unlimited Campaign $995 total


A Smarter Way to Connect

Join organizations from across
the country that are already taking advantage
of a presence in a network just for nurses.

Nurses Lounge is free for schools and only
takes minutes to get started.

Get Started!

Create your account and search for your school page. Select the claim button and complete the form. We’ll verify that you’re a rep from the school and make you an admin. Create your account now!