Nursing Schools are Re-Connecting with Alumni

On October 9, 2015

Nursing Schools are Re-Connecting with Alumni


In today’s blog post, we’ll discuss how nursing schools from around the country are currently using the Nurses Lounge at NO COST to re-connect with their alumni. As a professional network dedicated to the nursing profession we know it’s no easy task to stay in touch with your nursing students after they graduate. Their emails change, they move, new phone number, etc. The list goes on and on. No matter the reason, it’s important that you maintain an open line of communication with your alumni. Whether it’s donations, referrals, or even continuing on to grad school, alumni play a vital role in the continued success of your nursing school.

How Nurses Lounge helps nursing schools stay connected to alumni

Nurses Lounge has created interactive lounge pages for over 1,500 BSN and ADN nursing schools, which include general directory information. As each nurse creates an account on the Nurses Lounge we ask for some nurse-specific information including the nursing school(s) attended. Once the information is submitted, nurses are automatically placed as followers of their nursing school’s Lounge page.

Lounge pages are central hubs that nursing schools, nurse associations, and employers use to distribute information and drive engagement with their nurses. For example, The University of Texas at Arlington College of Nursing and Health Innovation has claimed their Lounge page, which has connected them with almost 1,000 students, alumni, and faculty.  Each time the UTA Lounge admin creates a post, email updates such as school news, events, career fairs, etc are sent to their followers. Followers of the UTA Lounge page can comment on posts, view jobs relevant to the school’s area, write a recommendation for the school, and students can engage with alumni.

How to claim your nursing school’s Lounge page

Over 100 BSN schools have already claimed their Lounge page. This is the easy part and only takes a few minutes to do. First, go ahead and create an account for yourself. Even if you’re not a nurse, it’s OK. We have a profile type just for you called non-nurse (organization representative). Once you are signed in search for your nursing school. Select the ‘claim’ button and complete the form. We’ll verify your information and hand over administrative control of your Lounge page. Lounges may have as many admins as needed. Only posts that admins create will be emailed out to members. Admins can delete any posts or comments, and can remove any users from the Lounge page.

If you have any questions about the Nurses Lounge or Lounge pages please contact us. Or schedule a tour for a more in-depth look with a Nurses Lounge rep for a screen-share demo and to go over any questions you may have.


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