$295 Single Job Postings

1 Job – $295 for 30 Days

5 Jobs – $1,375 Save $100

10 Jobs – $2,500 Save $450


  • Manage your nursing jobs at anytime.
  • Job details include a company banner.
  • All jobs are linked to your company page.



$995 Partnership Program with Unlimited Job Postings for One Year

Struggling to recruit nurses? Whether you’re under-resourced or experiencing high volumes of retiring nurses we can help your company reach more passive job seekers. As a partner in the Nurses Lounge we will help you implement your talent acquisition strategy to build a pipeline of great nurse talent.

As a partner you’ll receive:

  • A Company page with unlimited jobs postings.
  • Your recruiters will be highlighted on your company page so jobs seekers can easily reach out with questions.
  • Recruiters can share your jobs and residency programs with specialty associations and local nursing schools.
  • Your nurses can write recommendations and testimonials on your company page.
  • Email promotions to local nursing students asking them to follow your company page.

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