Nurses Lounge Awards Scholarships to Three More Nursing Schools

On June 29, 2015

Nurses Lounge Awards Scholarships to Three More Nursing Schools

Dallas, TX – May 5, 2014 – Nurses Lounge, Inc, an online professional network for nurses ( and wholly-owned subsidiary of MedCAREERS Group, Inc. (“MCGI” or the “Company”) (OTCQB:MCGI), a development stage company, announced today that three bachelors of science in nursing (BSN) schools each were awarded $1,000 scholarship checks. The schools are: University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing, TX; San Francisco State University, CA; and Western Carolina, NC. The scholarships were offered as an incentive for expediting school participation and membership in the Nurses Lounge which is a more efficient way to communicate news and information to students, alumni and the broader nursing profession.

“This brings the number of scholarships awarded to 18,” said Tim Armes, the President and CEO of MedCAREERS Group, Inc. and founder of Nurses Lounge. “Additionally there are six more schools including Duquesne, PA and NYACK, NY that have qualified for scholarships and will be receiving checks in the next 30 days with about more 20 schools that have started the process.

“Because of the great results and growing interest in the program, we have decided to extend the program to a total of 100 schools. This equates to 20% of our ultimate goal of 500 BSN schools and, where studies of innovation show, the high end of the critical mass scale or tipping point of the adoption of a network.”

The scholarship program was created as an incentive to eligible BSN schools to join and use the network while providing financial help to some deserving students. As part of the program, the school must place the “NL” icon on its website (similar to Facebook and Twitter, for example) linking to its interactive lounge page, and within 30 days must have a minimum of 100 members in its Lounge.

“Once a school joins and adds 100 members, we find that they do not stop there,” Armes added. “University of Texas has more than 500 members and SFSU is already over 200 members. Each school that joins should be able to add a minimum of 1,000 members to our network for a total of 500,000 members or half our one million-member goal.

As members, the students then create a professional network with fellow students and alumni as well as join other interactive lounges created by various organizations such as associations and

employers. When news and information is posted, the student receives an instant email alert. They can comment and ask questions via a professional profile versus a social profile.

For more information, contact Tim Armes, CEO, at 972-393-5892 or Visit ; follow on Facebook at and on twitter @TheNursesLounge.

MedCAREERS Group, Inc.’s focus is to develop and build value through its wholly-owned subsidiary Nurses Lounge, Inc., an online professional network and communication resource for nurses and stakeholder organizations such as nursing schools, associations and employers. By consolidating the profession onto one simple to use network, Nurses Lounge provides the tools and resources that allows organizations a more effective way to communicate to directly to their audience and the broader nursing profession.

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