Nurses Lounge Announces Three Leading Texas Associations

On June 29, 2015

Nurses Lounge Announces Three Leading Texas Associations

Dallas, TX – October 14, 2014Nurses Lounge, a professional network for nurses, today announced that three Texas organizations have joined the Nurses Lounge to take advantage of its leading communications and networking platform developed exclusively for the nursing profession: the Texas Association of Deans and Directors of Professional Nursing Programs (TADDPNP), whose members are made up of the deans and directors of the nursing schools in Texas; the Texas Organization of Baccalaureate and Graduate Nursing Education (TOBGNE), an association consisting of deans from schools offering a four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (BSN) as well as graduate programs; and Texas Organization of Associate Degree Nursing (TOADN), whose membership comprise the directors of Associate Degree Nursing Programs.

“Associations typically change officers yearly, and members come and go,” says Tim Armes, President and CEO of MedCareers Group, Inc. and founder of Nurses Lounge.  “By utilizing our service, these busy professionals no longer have to worry about managing large email lists or calling a third party to update a static website that few members ever visit.  They can now distribute news and information through our network with a few clicks. Additionally, members create professional profiles upon joining. They then are able to develop an important network of peers who are experiencing similar challenges in their careers, which is one of the top reasons individuals join associations in the first place.”

According to Dr. Sharon Wilkerson, Dean of Texas A&M College of Nursing and the 2014 President of TOBGNE, “Nurses Lounge provides a great service for an organization like ours. All of our members can immediately share news and information with the entire membership with just a few clicks which they couldn’t do before without having access to the email list.”

Dr. Wilkerson is in the process of establishing the Texas National League for Nurses, whose members are nurse faculty and educators, and said she fully intends to use Nurses Lounge for that group as well.

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