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A successful healthcare system is dependent on the ability to maintain nurse staffing requirements. Proactive companies are preparing now for the growing talent war by implementing their talent acquisition strategy in the Nurses Lounge.

Sign-on bonuses are short term solutions.  ALL job boards have less than a 5% success rate. Are you exploring recruitment avenues outside of offering sign-on bonuses, posting on the same job boards and lining up more staffing companies?

90% or more of hires come from your local talent pool.  Are you consistently engaging local nurses and keeping nurse employees informed about job opportunities?

Your nurses have extended networks of colleagues. Can you consistently tap into these extended networks?

Nurse Talent Acquisition

Nurse Talent Acquisition

What is Nurses Lounge?

Nurses Lounge is a fully functional professional network for nurses. Simply put, a LinkedIn for the nursing profession.

With a growing profession of over 3 Million nurses and countless organizations, Nurses Lounge simplifies how information is exchanged between nurses, their colleagues, and stakeholder organizations.

Nurses Lounge consists of thousands of organization pages including over 6,000 healthcare systems and hospitals (AHA membership), 600 BSN schools and 100 national specialties.

Stakeholder Benefits of a Connected Profession Include:

  • Associations building membership.
  • Nursing schools reconnecting with alumni.
  • Employers increasing their talent pool.

Company Pages are FREE!

What’s a Nurses Lounge Company Page?

It’s a central hub where nurses can follow facility or healthcare system news, events, career opportunities, and write recommendations. From one central hub, you can:

  • Tell your company’s story and share a video.
  • Reinforce your company’s values.
  • Showcase your career opportunities.
  • Scale up referrals.


A Nurse Talent Acquisition Platform

As a professional network for nurses, Nurses Lounge is uniquely positioned to provide a talent acquisition platform for nurses.

To meet hiring goals over 90% of new hires will need to come from your local talent pool.

The problem, however, is most recruitment teams are understaffed and lack a cost effective resource to consistently engage the local nursing community or communicate important job openings to their nurse employees for referrals.

As a partner in the Nurses Lounge, we provide your team a platform to easily maintain engagement with the local nursing community, to keep your nurses informed of important hiring needs, and a simple way to tap into their extended network of colleagues.


A Smarter Way to Connect with Nurses

Claim Your Company Page: The Nurses Lounge has over 6,000 Healthcare Systems and Hospital company pages. There is no cost to claim your company page and only takes minutes to set up. To get started create your account, search for your company, and claim the page to start sharing company news immediately.

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Partnership Program with Unlimited Job Postings for One Year: Implement your talent acquisition strategy in the Nurses Lounge to engage more nurses based on geography, specialty, or education and utilize our platform to provide a simple way to tap into your nurses extended network of colleagues.

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$295 Single 60-Day Job Posting: Looking to fill an immediate position? Single 60-day postings may be the way to go.

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** Nurses Lounge does not offer annual unlimited job postings to travel and staffing firms. Travel and staffing firms may purchase single 60-day job posting slots beginning at $295.00.