Land Your Dream Nursing Job

On September 14, 2015

Land Your Dream Nursing Job

In today’s blog post we’ll discuss two important steps every nurse should take to help secure the nursing job that you have worked to achieve.

There are two undeniable facts when it comes to finding a job supported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The first, 90% of employers Google applicants before making a hiring decision. Second, 70% of all jobs are found through networking.

As a nurse, Nurses Lounge positions you for Google searches with a professional online profile, and provides the tools needed to easily maintain professional relationships with nursing colleagues that you meet throughout your career.

Step One – Create a Professional Profile

So what’s the big deal with Google searches…nothing bad comes up when I do a search for my name? Well of course it’s great that nothing bad comes up. But is nothing going to help you separate yourself from the crowd and give you a leg up in one of the most competitive professions when it comes time to apply for your dream nursing job? Doubtful.

Will a profile complete with a professional picture, education, experience, certifications, licensure, professional nurse memberships, volunteer work, internships,  awards and publications help you stand out from the crowd? Definitely.

Nurses Lounge profiles have nurse specific fields that can’t be found on a non-nursing network, highlighting you as a career-forward professional. In minutes, you will gain a competitive edge over your competition as we guide you through our profile builder in a few simple steps. Once completed additional Nurses Lounge tools allow you to boost your professional online presence by:

  • Customizing the URL to your profile with your name increasing your Google rankings.
  • Exchanging recommendations with colleagues that will be displayed directly on your professional profile.
  • Sharing your professional profile with colleagues, potential employers, for volunteer work, or even when applying to graduate programs.

Step Two – Build Your Professional Network

As a nurse, you network with as many people as any other professional. Whether it’s in nursing school, professional associations you belong to, national conferences you attend, at work, or through volunteering, you meet like-minded nurses that share your professional interests and would be a valuable addition to your list of contacts. 

Even if you’re not actively searching for a job, your professional network can provide you with support, knowledge, and information you need to take your career to the next level. Notably, you will also be an important contributor to theirs as well.

Nurses Lounge provides the tools needed to maintain professional relationships and stay in touch with nursing colleagues you meet throughout your career. Once you’ve completed your profile use the invite link at anytime to add colleagues to your network. As colleagues accept your invitations and create their accounts they will automatically be a part of your professional network in the Nurses Lounge.

  • Start building your network by inviting past and present classmates, co-workers, fellow association members as well as supervisors or professors you have had over the years.
  • Request they write a recommendation and be sure to write thoughtful recommendations in return.
  • Share information and be an active contributor to the advancement of all the colleagues in your network.

Don’t ignore the stats or overlook the importance of these two steps. Visit and give yourself the best opportunity possible to land your dream nursing job!

(Still in nursing school? Check out our blog post A Professional Network, Don’t Leave Nursing School Without It to learn how to build your professional network before you graduate nursing school.)

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