Bringing Nurses to Your Nurse Association

On September 24, 2015

Bringing Nurses to Your Nurse Association

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In today’s blog post, we’ll discuss how Nurses Lounge is transforming the way professional nurse associations are building new membership without having to lift a finger. Professional nurse associations like the American Association of Critical Care Nurses and the National Gerontological Nursing Association are taking advantage of Nurses Lounge’s innovative new system of automatically placing new members that sign-up as followers of their pertaining specialty and state Lounge pages.

How nurse associations can build membership with Nurses Lounge

The idea is simple really. Nurses Lounge is a professional network for nurses. Each time a nurse joins the Nurses Lounge we ask for some basic information specific to nurses. Some of this information includes the state in which the nurse resides and their nursing specialty or specialties of choice. Once the information is submitted we place each nurse as a follower of a Lounge page that is relevant to their nursing specialty and state. 

For example, if a critical care nurse resides in Texas, they’ll be placed as followers of the Critical Care Nurse Lounge page as well as the Texas Nursing Network Lounge page.  Admins from the American Association of Critical Care Nurses post association news, events, and continuing education opportunities that are instantly emailed to followers. AACN now has immediate access to potential new members and critical care nurses receive relevant information that helps advance their careers. It’s a win for both parties and this system is helping to organize all aspects of the nursing profession.  Each nurse and nurse association that participates the more valuable this network becomes for everyone.

Nurses Lounge is inviting nurse associations to be sponsors at no cost

Nurses Lounge has a created a Lounge page for each nursing specialty and all fifty states. As a professional nurse association, you have an opportunity to be a sponsor of your specialty’s or state’s Lounge page at no cost. As a sponsor of a Lounge page we’ll include a link to your website and an ad for your nurse association for members that want to join. We’ll designate an admin from your association who can post news, events, and continuing education opportunities that will be emailed to your Lounge followers. We only ask that you invite your current members to follow you in the Nurses Lounge and include a link to your sponsored Lounge page on your website. In doing so, you will do your part in helping to connect and organize the nursing profession on a professional network just for nurses.

How your nurse association can get started

This is the easy part. If you’re a representative of your nurse association go ahead and create your account. It’s OK that you’re not a nurse because we have a profile type just for you called, organization representative (non-nurse). Once registered, complete the short form on our contact us page so we can reach out to you and give you sponsorship in the Nurses Lounge at no cost!

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