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About the Nurses Lounge

What is Nurses Lounge?

Nurses Lounge is a professional network for nurses. Nurses can choose to stay connected and informed to the people, organizations, and information import to their careers.

  • Nurse organizations such as schools, associations, and employers can use Lounge pages to invite and engage their nurses to stay informed and connected.
  • Nurses can build their professional online resume, engage with the people and organizations they choose, as well as search continuing education, nursing conferences, events, webinars, and jobs.

As a professional network, how is Nurses Lounge different from Linkedin?

Nurses Lounge is first about providing nursing organizations a turnkey solution to post and distribute news directly to their nursing constituents and to the broader nursing profession on a timely basis. Linkedin is multi-professional geared more to individual networking.

How does Nurses Lounge work?

Over 6,000 employers, 1500, nursing schools, 100 nurse specialties, and each state have been uploaded into the Nurses Lounge system. As nurses register, they will automatically follow pages created around the information they fill out. Nurses can choose to follow or un-follow any page as well as join pages created around associations they belong to. As a follower or member of a Lounge page you will receive email updates of posts created.

Nurse organizations such as schools, associations, and employers can either; search and claim their page (if it has already been created), or request to have a Lounge page made for them. As pages are claimed and created representatives from these organizations can be made page admins. As an admin, reps can engage their members, create posts, and edit any content.

When was Nurses Lounge formed?

Nurses Lounge started off as a direct mail magazine in Dallas, TX in 2003 and published through mid-2011. Through this experience, Nurses Lounge became acutely aware of the problems nursing organizations have trying to distribute news and information on a timely basis, not only to the broader nursing profession, but also to their direct constituents. In 2009, the first version of our professional network was launched.

How much does the Nurses Lounge cost?

There is no charge (nor is there a plan to ever charge) for individual nurses, nurse associations and non-profit nursing schools to participate in the Nurses Lounge.

How do I get started in the Nurses Lounge?

Visit our homepage at and then join by creating your account using a valid email address, your first and last name, and a password. You will then receive an activation email validating your email address where you can then login to complete your profile.

About Lounges

What are Lounges?

Lounges are groups created and managed by nurse orgnizations where news, events, and other relevant information can be posted and sent via email updates to the Lounge's members.

How do Lounges work?

When new content is posted by the Lounge administrators members of that Lounge automatically receive email updates of these new posts. Members can also engage in professional discussions and create their own comments on current posts.

How do I create a Lounge for my Organization?

Once you register and become a member of the Nurses Lounge, simply click on the “Start a Lounge” link in the top menu bar. Fill out the short form then the Nurses Lounge will create your Lounge within 24 hours and email you back with a link to your completed Lounge.

What Technical skills do I need to administrate a Lounge?

Posting news and information is easy and intuitive. If you can create an email and understand attachments then you have all the training you will need to maintain your lounge and effectively communicate with all your members.

I don’t belong to a formal organization. Can I still create a Lounge?

Lounges can be created for any professional purpose in the nursing idustry where ongoing communications between members and colleagues is needed.

How can I advertise with the Nurses Lounge?

Please visit our advertising opportunities page.

Who can post and see content in my Lounge?

If your page is under the Follow category (school, employer, state or specialty) any registered member of Nurses Lounge can see posts created by your Lounge as well as leave a comment or ask a question.

If your page is under the Join category (association, student association) any registered member of Nurses Lounge can see your wall of posts and comment, however Join pages have an independent discussions area that only members can see. To become a member of a Join page you must first request permission and accepted by an admin.

Safety and Privacy

Who can access the Nurses Lounge?

Nurses Lounge is available to the entire nursing profession. Simply create a FREE account and start seeing the benefits of a connected nursing industry under one professional site.

Who can see my professional profile on the Nurses Lounge?

You have the option to make your profile as private or as visible as you choose. By default, no one has access to your email or account info, but community members can view your professional profile (eg. name, degree, employer).

How does the Nurses Lounge use my information?

Nurses Lounge does not share or sell your information to third parties, including advertisers.

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